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Quit watering!

Cathy Roach

Let’s take this opportunity, during monsoon season, to turn off our irrigation system, and do our part to replenish our supply. My irrigation system has been off for a week, and my lawn has never looked greener.

We need to gather as a community, and turn off the water. Every time it rains, consider that your watering cycle for the week.

For those of you who still feel you must water during the rain, a few tips from my landscaper friends:

One, water in the middle of the night (shortly after midnight) so your lawn can take advantage of the coolness of the night, and absorb more water before the sun comes up.

Two, your lawn gets stronger with less watering, as the roots are forced to grow deeper to seek water. And, for those of you watering on Mondays, there is no excuse. Enough preaching. Isn’t it better to give than to receive? Let’s give back to our precious streams.

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