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Racism revealed

Vail Daily Editorial Board
Vail CO, Colorado

Opponents of illegal immigration insist they are not racists. But bigotry has reared is repulsive head this week in the reaction to the murder conviction of Charles Gross for shooting Maria Madrid, an illegal immigrant who was camping near Dotsero with her family when she had her fatal encounter with a U.S. citizen.

That Maria Madrid got what she deserved has been the sentiment in a few comments we’ve received, and deleted, from our Web site. These commentors don’t argue that she was a terrible person, a violent criminal, corrupt in her business dealings or a bad mother ” only that she was in the country illegally.

They’ve also decided the death penalty ” which is given to child murders, serial killers and terrorists ” is the appropriate punishment for all those who sneak across the border to find a higher salary.

And they wonder why some Hispanics and other immigrants are hesitant to assimilate to our culture.

Calls for the murder of people ” particularly foreigners ” who have committed relatively minor crimes, such as entering the country illegally, are how terror and genocide begin. By making such comments, the extremists in the anti-illegal immigration movement reveal their cause is far more ugly and dangerous than people prowling the border.

The mainstream of the anti-illegal immigration movement may be guiliter of xenophobia than racism. Their flagbearer, presidential candidate Tom Tancredo, not only calls for a clampdown on illegal immigration ” which most Americans support ” but has said he wants to cut down on legal immigration, too.

He also often complains about the “cult of multiculturalism” “i.e., teaching kids about other cultures ” that he worries is overrunning his definition of America.

So we have to wonder what the real motives of the anti-illegal immigrant movement are. Is it to create an immigration system that functions better for U.S, businesses who need workers?

Or is it to slam to the door on anything foreign?

Well, here’s an idea: Perhaps Charles Gross’ citizenship should be rescinded and given to Maria Madrid’s husband, Eliseo.

He’ll probably use it more productively.

” Matt Zalaznick for the Editorial Board

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