Radio Free Minturn seeks support |

Radio Free Minturn seeks support

Tom Boyd

For a few glorious months back in 1998-1999, Radio Free Minturn blanketed the valley from Edwards to Vail. The bold (and illegal) endeavor was the brainchild of a local group which felt that non-commercial radio, more than any other medium, had the ability to unite the community and give the people a voice.That voice was shut down by the FCC in 1999 and the two journalists who spearheaded the effort were bathing in a bit of hot water but the idea lingered in the minds of the group which had supported and created Radio Free Minturn.After years of legal filings and applications, Radio Free Minturn is almost back on the air but this time it’s legitimate. K-Lynx (or KLNX-LP), has been approved for up to 100 watts of power, and the formerly outlaw group of radio bandits are now legal, loaded, and aiming their sights on the Dowd Junction radio tower. If they’re successful, they hope to broadcast over about a 10-mile radius.In an effort to gain community support, the group is holding a meeting/party/rally at Harry’s Bump and Grind Saturday, May 7 (see box).If enough interest and help is drummed up at the meeting, then KLNX can begin ordering equipment, organizing the troops, and getting ready to go live in October.”Well, we need money first and foremost,” laughs Liz Campbell, who has been working for years on launching the project. “But we also need technical help, we need people who are interested in setting up events, and we need people to come forward who can actually do the work to get this done.”Campbell is on a board of five which has done most of the work up to this point, but now it’s time for the community to step in, she said, and help make it happen.The board consists of Campbell, Justin Hurley, Kevin Hyatt, Bill Holm, and Virginia Olson. Advisors to the board include Lou Meskiman, Tim Campbell, Harvey the Mandolin Player, Chris Wader, Alex Markels (who currently works with National Public Radio), and Minister of Information Scott Willoughby.Getting a license is a difficult process, Willoughby said, and if the valley wants something like this to work, they’ve got to get on it.”This is an opportunity that has been offered to the public and probably never will again,” he said. “Rather than watch it wither on the vine we want to see people come out and demonstrate their desire through action.” VTFor more information on Radio Free Minturn visit or email, or show up at Harry’s on Saturday.Where: Harry’s Bump and Grind, Main St. Minturn.Who: Everybody who cares about community.Why: To jumpstart Radio Free Minturn, aka KLNX, and to have a good time, unify the people, drink coffee, listen to good tunes, and to decide to volunteer and help get KLNX off the ground.What: Live music from the Schwing Daddys, and the long-awaited reunion of the once-legendary Missing Lynx. Coffee sales of Vail Mountain Coffee Roasters will be contributed to the construction of the new station.When: 9 a.m. 12:30 p.m., Saturday, May 7.

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