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Rahie Talukder, Eagle Valley High School

Hometown the summations of the Gypsies (Gypsum)

Years in the valley 7

Future Plans Probably graduating from Duke or some top-notch-rated school for Masters, becoming a specialist or medical examiner, moving to Waunakee, WI and authoring books along the side. Oh, and finding ghosts! And really never growing up.

The best thing about going to school in the valley not having cliques, and knowing

everyone. Of course, I still wish we had the IB program.

This year i laughed so hard when I’m with Sarah Logan, Zach Ramsay and Rachel Rogers…due to confidentiality, I can’t say what the experiences are. Wait some decades when we’re all toothless in motor scooters throwing rotten organic tomatoes at each other at our 60th reunion– Zach and Sarah’ll bring it up then.

Most people don’t know I am a klutz. I trip “on air” and daily choke on it also!!

what makes me smile Family, close friends, Spring, air freshener, the piano, cute things…anything really.

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