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Rainy July not that rainy

Cliff Thompson

With all the rain last month, you’d think the mountains would be wetter than normal – but you’d be wrong.In the 36 years Avon’s Frank Doll has been taking weather readings for the National Weather Service from his backyard weather station, the July average has been 1.8 inches in July. This year only .87 inches of rain fell in July – less than 50 percent of average.But the mountains are almost as wet as they should be for the year. After July’s rains, the year-to-date total precipitation is 9.63 inches, or 97 percent of the long-term average of 11 inches. While it was drier than average, temperatures were normal. The warmest temperature was 95 on July 13 and the coolest, 43, on July 6 and 24.Doll said after July 13, the month was punctuated with plenty of thunderstorms and lots of wind.Cliff Thompson can be contacted via e-mail at cthompson@vaildaily.com or by calling 949-0555 ext. 450.

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