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"Raising Kids for Fun and Profit’

Cindy Ramunno Special to the Daily

Helen Ginandes Weiss and Martin Weiss are local learning consultants who have tested and evaluated hundreds of kids.They have also consulted with parents and helped them become better parents. Helen has been a teacher, professor and learning consultant for the past 45 years and currently the couple writes a weekly syndicated education column. They live in Twin Lakes, near Leadville, and are the parents of five grown sons and grandparents to 11 children.The couple says that parents and teachers feel pressured and stressed at all of the varied roles that they must play and also become anxious and frustrated when they are told that their child or student is having learning problems, doesn’t pay attention in class or isn’t doing homework. “Approximately 40 years ago, we heard some of these words used to describe three of our five sons,” says Helen. She adds that no one could come up with a good explanation of why her sons were having difficulty learning to read.The couple now has a book out – “Raising Kids for Fun &SProfit???: Survival Strategies for Parents and Teachers.” The concept is to give parents and teachers a better understanding of educational challenges as well as teach them to design the kind of home activities that will assist their youngster to learn better. For teachers, the book shows how to help parents achieve these goals.The book touches on parenting styles, choosing a school, determining your child’s learning style and gauging your children’s attitudes and behavior. It speaks to children with special needs, gifted children and core subject classes.It also takes you from preschool to college, describing emotional and academic challenges that your child may face.Former president of Colorado Mountain College Dr. Dennis Mayer says, “This book is sympathetic, but is realistic and practical. The strategies are visible and explicit.”The cost of the book is $21.00. For more information or to order a copy, write the Weiss’ at PO Box 38, Twin Lakes, CO 81251, email at eduworks@chaffee.net or call (719) 486-5800.

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