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Rancid recycling disappoints

Having to carefully place bottles one by one into an overflowing Dumpster while standing in a trash-strewn patch of mud is not going to encourage anybody to recycle.

Nor will the clanking avalanche of other people’s leaky beer bottles and oozing mayonnaise containers spilling on top of you when you try to squeeze in that empty Tide jug.

One loses the satisfaction of doing something good for the planet when one sees cardboard blown out of overstuffed Dumpsters and across the highway toward the Eagle River.

Despite promises of cleanliness, despite pledges that there will always be room in the Dumpsters, the county’s recycling centers are still filthy, and worse, discouraging to those who may not be fully committed to the critical act of recycling.

To us, keeping the areas clean and emptying them regularly doesn’t seem to be a tremendous feat. If the county can run its own cable station certainly it can help the Eagle Valley Alliance for Sustainability help us help the environment.

Recycling, unlike driving everywhere, is a behavior that has not yet been ingrained in enough Americans.

Some of us need all the encouragement we can get to do what’s right for planet and for the future. The county and the Alliance for Sustainability are failing in this regard.

In fact, filthy recycling centers may be driving some folks away from doing the right thing.

” Matt Zalaznick for the Editorial Board

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