Re-elect Ferraro to Avon board |

Re-elect Ferraro to Avon board

I support Kristi Ferraro in her campaign for re-election to the Avon Town Council.

In the last four years Kristi Ferraro has served us, the town of Avon has prepared a strong new vision for the development of the East and West Town Centers, renewed our comprehensive plan, embarked on improvements to the streets around the recreation center and has begun the process of designing and constructing the new Main Street from Avon Road to Nottingham Park.

The police department has been strengthened, the maintenance of our streets has been well managed, and our budget is balanced and strong.

The town of Avon has pursued a path of maintaining sound financial stewardship of our communities’ resources while maintaining and financially investing in an appropriate vision of our future. Kristi has been an integral part of that successful effort.

Kristi Ferraro has an important and vital working understanding of the essential need for balancing the important day-to-day business of effective governance with the ability to step back and advocate for a strong, deliberate and well-conceived future for our town.

In Kristi Ferraro we have a seasoned, effective, visionary elected community leader. Avon is better because of Kristi’s leadership.

We have an obligation to our future, to sound financial management, and sound reasoning.

Toward that future, I strongly support Kristi Ferraro’s campaign for re-election to the Avon Town Council, and I urge my fellow citizens to re-elect Kristi Ferraro to the town council of Avon.

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