Reading and being read |

Reading and being read

Tom Boyd

There are those of you who have been watching us closely, wondering how we’ll change and grow under our new management company Colorado Mountain News Media.Others, of course, aren’t aware that our paper was purchased by CMNM on Feb. 13 of this year after a long tenure under the ownership of the Knox family.One way or the other, our readers should see some changes happening slow as they may come.This week we add the Vail Trail Book Club, where we take a look at new books coming out on the shelves of our libraries and local bookstores. The people on our staff are avid readers which should come as no surprise. And we also know that there are many people in this valley who love to sit down with a good book and involve themselves in the contemplative art of reading.In this day and age it seems that we are constantly confronted (or affronted) by media and advertisements that assume that we’re not very bright, mostly in an effort to cater to the lowest common denominator. The people who follow this approach claim to appeal to a larger audience, failing to note that they are disrespecting the intelligence of a large portion of their audience in the meantime.In this valley, however, there are plenty of people who are intelligent, well educated and well-informed. I also believe that people in general are smarter than they’re given credit for. Most of you realize, for example, that there are certain issues (in this valley and elsewhere), that can only be flushed out through intelligent writing, photography, research and thinking.And so we will continue to pursue those stories, bringing in writer from around the valley and the region who have deep passion and understanding of the topics they explore for us.And there will be plenty of fun, entertaining reading and photographs for the parts of us that love living on the light side.In the meantime, I will continue to see people out on the street who come to me with similar questions about the paper as they work toward grasping our new identity under a new company.So let me say this, by way of clarification: this paper belongs to the community. It is YOUR paper, and all of you out there (some whom I’ve known for a long time, some whom I’ve just met, and some whom I have yet to meet) can think of the pages of this paper as a thoughtful, entertaining place to share information and ideas.Feel free to give us a call or contact us at any time. And be a part of our paper as we implement our ideas over the next few months and years.Tom Boyd can be reached at or (970) 748-0049.

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