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Real champs

I would like to thank all of the girls who came out and played softball this season. It was a great season and I truly enjoyed coaching the Eagle/Gypsum team during the regular season, and taking a group of talented girls to compete in the state championship playoffs in July! Our team came in third place, which is an outstanding acheivement!One of the greatest rewards as a coach is to see the improvement in your team and to know that you are truly making a difference in the abilities of the girls you are coaching.I was fortunate enough to be able to coach a great group of girls for the state tournament and hope that they will continue to enjoy the sport as much as they did this season!Members of the Major Girls softball team are: Marisa Ammaturo, Alexandra Bohren, Kirstie Eckert, Kelsey Foster, Beth Hall, Narcissa Huffman, Rachel Landin, Hannah Maxwell, Shaylynn Nielsen, Kara Platt and Stephanie Sieg.I would also like to thank all of the businesses that helped sponsor our team: Big Steve’s Towing, Marko’s Pizza, Steven’s Home Care, 1st Bank of Avon, Alpine Bank of Eagle, Mayne Block, Mallie Kingston, Buka’s Deli & Coffee, Tripe G Inc., Beveridge Realty, Eagle Valley Medical Center, Town of Gypsum and Beaver Creek Resort Company.Your generosity helped our girls make it to the state championship. Sponsorship is a very important part in keeping the Little League program thriving! By sponsoring teams throughout the season, you are making the programs more affordable for all children to participate! Thank you for your continued support in the WECMRD sponsored programs!And last but not least, I want to thank Kyle Hall, Tom Maxwell, Ron Sieg and Blake Sieg for their time and experience in helping coach the All-Star girls this season! By having parent volunteers step up and accept the responsibility and commitment that is involved in coaching, these programs will continue to contribute to the knowledge and opportunities of our children. Carol SiegMajor Girls Softball Coach

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