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Real presidential leadership

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Vail CO, Colorado

For decades, the U.S. has led the world in building things that take a colossal amount of air-fouling energy to heat and cool.

In the days when oil, gas and coal were cheap, this may have seemed like a good deal, but if you think your home’s energy bill is insane, imagine what the owners and tenants of a large building think.

Setting aside for the moment global warming, air pollution and the other problems associate with dirty energy, the simple fact is making buildings more energy efficient can be a huge cost savings.

That’s why last week’s news that real money is being aimed at making buildings in large cities more energy efficient is so intriguing.

The idea is pretty straightforward: Five global banks will offer $5 billion in loans to upgrade buildings from New York and London to Tokyo and Johannesburg.

With a goal of a 50-percent increase in efficiency, the energy savings will allow the loans to be paid back with interest and benefit global energy service companies like Trane and Honeywell.

So, that’s job creation, energy savings, reduced emissions and a big decrease in energy bills for the globe’s big office buildings.

Even a global warming denier can’t refute the logic of good business that lies at the core of this initiative.

The trickle-down to other buildings and residences worldwide is bound to be substantial and long-term.

It’s a great example of leadership by the president, who brokered the deal with the banks and the cities while also getting Microsoft to get on board with new software to create and track the cities’ programs.

In case you’re in shock, we’re talking about former President Bill Clinton, who worked out the details through his Clinton Climate Initiative.

Amazing what a president who no longer has to worry about approval ratings can do.

” Alex Miller for the Editorial Board

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