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Real work

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This is in response to “Proper papers.”They, along with everybody else that has been complaining in the paper about the illegal workers in town should actually go sign up for some of these jobs these people do. Try making beds, try cutting lawns, try shoveling roofs, try doing some of the real work that gets done in this town. Furthermore, just imagine plucking the entire Latin American demographic that does that work out of this town tomorrow, and see how well this town functions.Ungulate hasslesIt may seem harmless to you to take your dogs out for a walk on Berry Creek Road or along the railroad tracks through Arrowhead, but whether you realize it or not, you’re definitely disturbing the deer and the elk herds and this is a critical time to their survival. When they expend energy at this time of year, their chances of survival are really limited. There’s plenty of other places to take your pets to walk them. Please do so.Cheney dig #4,568I drive for one of the most prominent transportation companies in the valley here, and I just want to pass this along, cuz I think it’s worth letting the readers hear this. I’m sitting in my car, and on the radio one of the drivers said, “Joe, why are the flags at half staff in Avon?” There’s a silence, and the dispatcher comes back on and says, ‘I don’t know, maybe Dick Cheney was hunting again.’Cop perks?Just wondering why the Avon Police vehicle is parked in the Manor Vail employee guest parking lot on this particularly busy Friday during President’s weekend. What a great town parking spot for the police to ski all day. Just wondering why the Town of Avon police think they can break all the rules.The jacket, pleaseI work at Vendetta’s and somebody accidentally took my black Burton soft shell jacket thinking it was hers and called the next day, picked up hers and never returned mine. I found out that she lives in Long Island but was visiting a friend here, so I was just calling to say if you are that friend and you have that jacket in your house, please return the jacket to Vendetta’s.

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