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Reality bites

Benjamin Tryon

Recently, MTV announced they would broadcast yet another season of the stupid, inane show “Punk’d” by the nincompoop Ashton Kutcher. What a putz this guy is.

It’s truly inspiring for a joke of an actor to refashion “Candid Camera” for the new millenium – and with celebrities to boot! Whatever happened to great sitcom writers and shows? MASH, Cheers, the Simpsons … great comedies that are going the way of the dodo for ratings because of AMAZING, “humorous” reality TV! Truman Show, here we come!

People should read more to get a semblence of intelligent entertainment before they zombie out to someone else’s life (oooh, Ashton has punk’d Beyonce! He got a BMW for free! Entertainment at its peak!). Ashton sucks. So does Jeff.

Benjamin Tryon

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