Reality TV stars DeAnna Pappas and Jesse Csincsak at home in Breckenridge |

Reality TV stars DeAnna Pappas and Jesse Csincsak at home in Breckenridge

Leslie Brefeld
Breckenridge CO, Colorado
Special to the Daily/Mark Fox

BRECKENRIDGE, Colorado ” Wedding planning is not exactly at the top of DeAnna Pappas’ mind.

The bachelorette, made famous by the ABC series, and her fiance, Breckenridge pro snowboarder Jesse Csincsak, have been traveling and schmoozing for the majority of their six months since his on-air proposal.

In an interview with the couple recently at their Breckenridge home, they shared the things they already knew they wanted in their May 2009 wedding ” at an undecided location.

“We want to keep it real casual, so it’s comfortable. The food would be buffet-style because Jesse and I like to eat 1,000 different things,” DeAnna said.

“We want it to be very homey and comfortable and just like a gathering, not just a stressful event where you have to sit down and eat a five-course meal.”

Pappas also noted, “Jesse’s a dancer, so there’ll be lots of dancing.”

A few things they are set against: for DeAnna it’s a cold wedding. She ruled out the Ritz-Carlton, Bachelor Gulch in Avon, which Jesse mentioned wouldn’t host a reality wedding by policy, anyway.

For Jesse: it’s no tuxedos. He plans to attire the seven groomsman in custom suits and sneakers.

And what about the dress? DeAnna hasn’t picked one out and encountered an annoying by-product of the fame she and Jesse admit they were pursuing in their reality show careers.

“I was trying on four or five dresses and there happened to be paparazzi. And they got pictures and it ended up in every tabloid magazine ” every single dress,” DeAnna said.

On fortune

For those who are made ill at the idea that love can be found in the surreal realm of reality television, Jesse and DeAnna are an easy remedy.

Jesse said some of his friends are still in disbelief.

“Here ” it’s like all my friends are like, ‘Dude, we can’t believe you won that show,'” he said.

Both openly admit they are looking to pursue careers in television ” DeAnna wants to host her own show and Jesse would like to work in extreme sports broadcasting ” yet neither is stressed about the validity of their relationship.

“We’re the same now as we were then. We’re not famous. We just chose to put ourselves out there, and met on some show,” DeAnna said. “We’re totally normal. We fight. We argue. I nag.”

And she does, a bit. During the interview, DeAnna sweetly scolds Jesse for answering a cell phone during the interview; jokes about him always plugging some product (this time his Curtis and Co. watch); and gives him the business about wanting to invite everyone he’s ever met to the wedding.

Living arrangements

DeAnna moved her clothes into Jesse’s house just this week and is getting used to the idea of Breckenridge for the winter.

“She’s learning how to dress. She’s learning about layers,” Jesse said. He’s excited to show his fiancee why he loves the mountains and will be doing the same when her extended family visits for Christmas. They’ll spend Thanksgiving at DeAnna’s family’s home in Georgia.

A tour of Jesse’s home of eight years in Breckenridge reveals his love for snowboards; he counts 60, including eight in the bathroom; Shaun White’s first pro model signed by White; and a purple board he got especially for DeAnna during the taping of “The Bachelorette.”

He’s also proud of his limited edition Playboy Bunny deck signed by Jae Burton.

On fame

The couple’s days are now filled with glamorous red carpet events along with interviews, in what Jesse describes as “nonstop” publicity.

The bonus is the swag. After an Emmy Awards party, DeAnna toted home a weighty bag. Unfortunately for Jesse, it was filled with products for women. DeAnna said he gets his share in things like being invited to an MTV “Pimp My Ride” party.

At the Really’s, or the reality television awards show which aired on Saturday night, DeAnna took home the Favorite Performer of the Year award, up against Holly Madison from “The Girls Next Door,” Corey Feldman from “The Two Coreys,” Carrie Ann Inaba from “Dancing with the Stars” and Captain Sig from “The Deadliest Catch.”

She lost the Awkward Moment of the Year for her denial to Jason’s proposal to Brett Michaels and Megan Hauserman on “Rock of Love.”

At the awards show, the couple spoke of being starstruck by their favorites ” “The Girls Next Door” stars for DeAnna and Captain Sig from “The Deadliest Catch” for Jesse, but noted they thought some took it too seriously.

“It’s funny how the famous bit or celebrity bit of it all gets to them,” DeAnna said.

“We’re just normal people man. We’re not Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt. We’re just normal people who lucked out and now a lot of people like us.”

On-air wedding?

As far as the wedding, the two have announced that they are not certain about returning to the Bahamas, where they fell in love for the ceremony, as they previously announced.

They considered Greece but deemed it too far away for some of their family members to travel; they’ve also toured a 3,500-acre chateau in Georgia.

The couple said they haven’t decided yet whether they will accept an offer to air the wedding on television.

Debating the pros and cons, they said they would be interested in removing the financial burden from their families yet also noted that 20,000 people would be allowed in on their special day.

“You gotta leave something to mystery,” Jesse said.

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