Rebecca Richardson |

Rebecca Richardson

Club: Speech & DebateNickname: Bex, Gangsta-BAge: 16Class of: 2007Whats the best thing about Winter Break? Skiing and making money.Whats your favorite class and why? Science we get to work with fire and chemicals.Whats the best thing about your club/group? We get to talk, and meet interesting people just like us!Whats something that youve personally done recently to help your club/group? Ive worked on my drama piece and helped others with their pieces.Whats the most embarrassing and/or funniest thing thats happened to you in your club/group? When I was performing my piece and it was supposed to be sad and everyone laughed.What got you interested in your club/group? My need to talk.Your idea of the perfect meal is … Steak and a dessert with lots of whipped cream!Whos your role model and why? Johnny Cash, cause hes my ring of fire.Favorite music/band and why? Lots, because music rocks.

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