Rec board shanks one |

Rec board shanks one

Don Rogers

Voting to make a lie of the Vail Recreation District’s campaign to pass a tax increase covering the Dobson Ice Arena debts as a means of honoring a departing board member sure seems, well, a little weird.But that’s what the recreation board did in mid-May. Outgoing board member Hermann Staufer proposed that instead of using the annual $280,000 saved from the tax increase on the range of district programs and other expenses, the district funnel all of that money to the golf course. The campaign pledge was that the money saved from paying off the debt on major renovations at the arena would benefit district programs – not just the golf course, which indeed could stand renovations. Questioned later, the district word was that the vote was essentially a joke. That’s right, not to be taken seriously. A show of appreciation to Staufer.Huh?Why not just issue a proclamation recognizing his long and able service, shake his hand, and talk over the good times over drinks later? At least a plaque would be somewhat more lasting than a mulligan vote.How does seemingly making a decision – arguably an extremely bad one – about the serious business of spending taxpayer dollars honor anyone if it’s ultimately meaningless?Looks more like a waste of time at best, and a hand caught in a cookie jar at worst. Surely the recreation board can be counted on to put a little more thought than that into what they are doing. Fore!D.R.

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