Rec center adds ‘cardio theater’ |

Rec center adds ‘cardio theater’

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AVON – The Avon Recreation Center will further personalize workouts this year. Thirty-two Cardio Theater personal viewing stations will be installed in the center’s “cardio room” this month. Formerly, headphones had to be into a receiver to tune into one of the eight channels on the large, communal televisions. Starting this month, each cardio machine will be outfitted with a personal viewing station, which includes a 15-inch LCD monitor with direct control of television channels. The system will be connected to live cable TV and each unit contains a front-loading dvd/cd/mp3 player so music can be listened to music while watching TV or movies. A demo unit of the Cardio Theater is currently stationed in the rec center’s lobby. The new viewing stations are going to be installed by the end of February. The rec center also will be upgrading 16 of its cardio and strength machines, including treadmills, elliptical machines and bikes as well as Cybex free motion chest, peck deck, and shoulder presses. These machines should be replaced this month. Some of the new features include the Speed Interval program on the Life Fitness treadmills, which allows exercisers to set two speeds and toggle between them, as well as the ability to use a polar heart rate strap with the machines monitors. “Entertainment and exercise have begun to go hand-in-hand,” said Meryl Jacobs, Avon’s director of recreation. “It is our goal at the rec center to provide fun and engaging opportunities for people to stay fit and healthy.”The rec center is owned and operated by the town of Avon.Vail, Colorado

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