Rec district comes clean |

Rec district comes clean

Don Rogers

The flap over the Vail Recreation District will blow over. Part of the reason is the recreation board apologized to the public in a letter to the editor this week. They took responsibility for missing a deadline that cost them a year’s delay in collecting tax revenue to help pay off the debt for Dobson Arena repairs.As significant as the mea culpa, they turned to the competent Ken Marchetti, savior of special districts everywhere, to help them out. Smart, smart move. Marchetti looks after pretty much all the special districts in the valley, and he is good at it.They also turned to the diamond right under their nose to run the district, longtime rec district stalwart Mike Ortiz. Ortiz is sharp, experienced and a straight shooter. Another smart move.The Vail Town Council, asked to consider disbanding the recreation district, has quite enough on its plate now. Besides, with a disbanded district comes its debt. Oops.The recreation district will find its footing, work through these current challenges and profit from the experience. That’s our prediction.At the staff level, we know the recreation district is hard working and committed to providing the highest quality programs. There’s no call to disrupt that over a paperwork mistake that led to the missed deadline. Besides, the board is taking a positive step to make sure the district gets back and stays on track administratively.The board coming clean was a terrific start. And refreshing, considering that today’s politicians tend to gag at the mere thought of admitting a mistake about anything, ever. The recreation board chose the wiser path: frank honesty. Good for them. Now give them a fair chance to right the ship.D.R.

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