Rec district woes |

Rec district woes

Phil Weinstein

This week’s Vail Recreation District board meeting, which was heavily attended by concerned citizens, was without the acrimony of the past. But there still remains within our citizenry an undertone of assigning ulterior motives and a sense of taking some things personally. All parties have come a long way from a few weeks ago. We heard presentations and commentary which require citizen due diligence.Our financial picture, which was a whole host of numbers, appeared to be a subtle “sell” that the golf course is not that profitable. Well, to the contrary, many hold beliefs that differ. Noteworthy was the absence of form and function of many consultative presentations. Where was the listing of facts, the derivation of findings based on those facts, conclusions drawn and recommendations rendered? What we viewed were year-to-year numbers which included the concept of allocations, which if you have lived in the corporate world has a myriad of uses, motivations and outcomes. Absent was recognition of a considerable reduction in golf course expenses over the pro’s prior two years. The cry for the human side of the equation – i.e to try to assuage the board from just looking at the numbers – was not prompted by a popularity contest. There is an earnest belief by many that the golf course leadership in Brent’s hands has flourished and that we, the people and the businesses, are better off having this high level of service and customer satisfaction as well as a reversal in the legacy of changing personnel every few years. Questions/options need to be probed: What is the effect on profitability if rates were not so low? The argument that we need to be competititive with other down-valley courses appears to some to fall short. Value pricing or revisiting the concept could produce higher revenues, without an undue burden on the local populace. We appear to price to the lowest common denominator instead of valuing – i.e. recognize our competitive advantages and where we are: Vail. In addition, we should recognize that an excess of a prudent number of rounds per year may not be in our best long term. the course is breaking down and needs an overhaul. Lastly, there is a malaise which is destructive and divisive. We do not live here to repeat the ailments of cities and the like; we are a community. If someone disagrees with you, it is not a reason for hate and recurrent vitriol. We should look within and maybe realize we have not sold our point and need to do more education and a better job of communicating.So let’s discuss and present our ideas for consideration, not attack those whose opinions differ from ours. This is our community!Phil WeinsteinEast Vail

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