Recommendations in local races |

Recommendations in local races

Thank goodness we have deep thinking and passionate candidates running for local office.

Jon Stavney is the Eagle County Commissioner candidate best suited and ready to lead our county to a more collaborative and sophisticated future. Among other attributes, Stavney is a creative problem solver with sincere, do-good energy for public service. I served with Stavney’s opponent, Debbie Buckley, on town council in Avon where I found her a lackluster, reactionary follower. By contrast, Stavney is an independent, insightful and proactive contributor.

As mayor and trustee of Eagle, Stavney’s inclusive leadership and passion for the job brought lower property tax mill levies, renewed downtown vitality and the substantial open space, parks, trails and other amenities of Eagle Ranch. The obvious differences between the Eagle Ranch development, which was successfully shepherded by Stavney, and the Village at Avon development, to which Buckley has kowtowed for so many years, are truly enlightening illustrations of Stavney’s and Buckley’s respective leadership abilities.

In my hometown, Avon, we are electing three seats on the Avon Town Council at a vital time in our evolution. Gratefully, incumbents Kristi Ferraro and Amy Phillips are running and committed to continue guiding through to fruition the town’s plans for Main Street, Nottingham park and Wildridge trail improvements and the two huge pending public open space exchanges. I worked with these women on the council for the last four years and I know that Ferraro and Phillips are exceptional contributors to Avon’s increasingly complex governing role. Both Ferraro and Phillips have been essential to Avon’s successes in the last four years. In addition, I see Wildridge resident, Dr. Sharon “Shari” Peach ,applying her intelligence and energy to keep Avon moving in the right direction. Peach will bring her fresh ideas and significant critical thinking skills to the Avon Town Council at just the right time.

It takes special people to work hard for the betterment of our community, and having smart, effective leaders is essential. Stavney for Eagle County and Ferraro, Phillips and Peach for Avon are the candidates most worthy of your vote and I highly encourage you to vote for them.

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