Post-holiday recycling event is Saturday, Jan. 13, in Avon |

Post-holiday recycling event is Saturday, Jan. 13, in Avon

Avon’s Walking Mountains Science Center recycling event is Saturday, Jan. 13

AVON — Americans create 25 percent more trash during the holidays. On Saturday, Jan. 13, several organizations are teaming up to host a Post-Holiday Recycling Event for hard-to-recycle items.

The event provides the community an option to incorporate reuse and recycle options and reduce their environmental impact during the holidays. The event will take place at Walking Mountains Science Center from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. A variety of items will be accepted, including bulbs and batteries, Christmas lights, electronics, paper shredding, styrofoam and textiles.

Fees will apply for electronics, bulbs, batteries and paper shredding. Electronics will be 75 cents per pound, batteries will be $1.50 per pound, and light bulbs will be $1 per bulb or 50 cents per foot for long fluorescent bulbs.

The Avon Town Council recently pledged $1,000 to subsidize the cost of the recyclables listed above. Residents who plan to recycle these items are encouraged to attend the event as early as possible in order to receive a discount.

Electronic recyclables include electronic devices that are used for entertainment media such as movies, music, video games and their accessories. Computer monitors, CPUs, CD/DVD/VCR players, radios, printers, keyboards, televisions, stereos, speakers, game stations and other similar items will be accepted. Residents who anticipate bringing large loads to the event are encouraged to provide advanced notification by calling 970-476-3511. Staff from the various host organizations will be managing all aspects of the event, including accepting materials, collecting fees and sorting the items into appropriate containers in preparation for shipment to Denver.

For more information, call 970-476-3511.

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