Recycling frustration in Vail |

Recycling frustration in Vail

Suzy Shaw
Vail, CO, Colorado

I have been coming to Vail for more than 30 years, lived in the valley for three years, and our family is part owner of a unit at Manor Vail Lodge.

For more than 10 years, I have tried to get Manor Vail to recycle guests’ bottles, newspapers, etc.

They have the facilities to do so, but still do nothing to encourage guests to do so!

Vail Mountain is a leader in its field, with all of us recycling in our own homes. This is so easy.

I believe that all establishments, especially hotels in the Vail Valley, must have programs for guests and must be held accountable.

Every day that I stay at Manor Vail, I walk my bottles, cans and newspapers to the front desk, where they have bins in back.

If each unit or room had a separate wastebasket for these items, it would eliminate tons of trash from our system.

Protecting our environment is a must, and any of us who visit the Vail Valley and enjoy it should be held accountable for keeping it beautiful for years to come!

Suzy Shaw

Milwaukee, Wis.

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