Recycling move handled poorly |

Recycling move handled poorly

Bob, Cindy and Mack Callicrate

It is funny how some people get into the middle of events without any effort at all. I found out about the recycle bin problem while walking home from lunch. Cindy and I had just finished a great meal at the Grand Avenue Grill when we saw two surveyors working just to the southeast of the Colorado State Patrol building. I asked them why they were working there. “The county wants to move the recycle bins here,” they said.

I support recycling. I, however, do not support the actions of Eagle County in springing this on a neighborhood with no notice. I want to know how this was done at the county level. Who made this decision? Were the town of Eagle zoning rules applied?

The spot where the bins will go is right next to a person’s house and right behind the Grand Avenue Grill. I am very happy for Matt Scherr and I support his efforts. I know he is working very hard on Eagle County recycling and he is excited about the future of his project. I think it is unfortunate that the County has set him up for a fight because they did not communicate with the people that this move will impact most. The sad part is that this relocation might be the best thing; the site might be perfect, but without communication from the decision makers, we now have conflict instead of cooperation.

Who decided to get rid of the truck parking and put in a park? What is the rush? Why not leave the bins where they are until we have curbside pick-up? Then we don’t need the bins. What other plan does the county have that really should see the light of day? Some democracy.

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