Recycling series at Vail Village Patagonia |

Recycling series at Vail Village Patagonia

VAIL — The Vail Village Patagonia hosts a series of interactive presentations focused on recycling the first three Wednesdays in April. Approaching recycling from three different perspectives —Town of Vail, Vail Resorts and Patagonia — the series offers a platform for community information and discussion.

Vail’s Recycling Ordinance

On Wednesday, Kristen Bertuglia, Town of Vail environmental sustainability coordinator, will discuss Vail’s new recycling ordinance, its implementation and its impact on our community. Luke Cartin, Vail Resorts senior mountain environmental affairs manager, will share VR’s overall waste reduction strategies on April 9. Matt O’Connor, local Patagonia representative, will share Patagonia’s unique integration of and focus on recycled materials in their clothing on April 16. All presentations are offered at 4 p.m. and will feature free raffle prizes from Patagonia.

“We are thrilled to host what we hope will be dynamic and multi-angled discussions on recycling in the Vail community” said Shannon Smith, Vail Village Patagonia’s manager. “Recycling is an enormous concept at this point, one which affects our town intimately, and one which is integrated into corporate philosophy and goals.”

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Patagonia’s Common Threads Partnership invites consumers to buy only what they need, repair what breaks and reuse or share clothing that is no longer personally useful. As a way to encourage personal recycling, the Vail Village store is also accepting clothing donations to benefit the Eagle County School District through April 16.

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