Red Canyon High School: Casey Michael Arnett |

Red Canyon High School: Casey Michael Arnett

How many years in valley: Born hereParent(s): Gregg & Jenel and MichaelSibling(s): CamilleMy parent(s) named me this because: Someone else was named Casey.I’m sick of hearing my parent(s) say: Don’t be out so late.I admire: Dad, because he does some guitar and other cool stuff.My best memory during high school is: Cooking.Most people don’t know that: Do artwork.Next year I’m going to miss: Snowboarding class. I’m looking forward to: Going outdoor activities, learning more about music.I can’t believe: That people are wanting to go to war.Root Beer or Orange soda: Root beerFavorite meal: BMT sandwich or homemade spaghettiAdvice for younger students: Stay focused and get math out of the way!

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