Red Cliff has a new council member |

Red Cliff has a new council member

Christine Ina Casillas

Just before last week’s deadline, five people applied for a seat on the Red Cliff Town Council.

Monday, the Council appointed and swore in one of them.

Red Cliff resident Ramon V. Montoya, 45, was selected to fill the seat recently vacated by Angie Shy. Shy resigned June 2.

“This letter is written with a heavy heart due to the matter for which I’m writing it,” Shy wrote in her resignation letter. “I am saddened to inform you that I have decided to move out of Red Cliff and head back down into the valley.”

The four other applicants were Carly Harrison, Doris Fores, Duane Nelson and Debbie J. Faber.

“This is a very exciting development,” said Betty Sandoval, Red Cliff’s mayor. “Usually we don’t have much interest in people serving on the council.”

Montoya, who has lived in Red Cliff for more than 18 years, said he plans to work on finances to increase revenue for the town.

In a questionaire by the town, Montoya said he believes Red Cliff needs to improve its ability to capture some of the tourist dollars that ride through the town on snowmobiles and jeep tours.

Another area that needs improvement is the maintenance on infrastructure, such as water, sidewalks and streets, he said.

“We are at a point where some critical decisions will be made on how we move further in the 21st century,” he wrote in his nomination letter. “I wonder what the council in 1903 thought would be the biggest challenges for the 20th century? I wonder if they had a long range plan to make sure Red Cliff survived for another 100 years? I wonder what they would think of their town now?”

One of the issues he said he plans to work on is long-range planning, as well as growth and expansion “with a plan.”

“Red Cliff has changed a lot in the last 10 years,” he said, “and in another way it has not changed at all.”

He said the population has gone through drastic changes, yet some of the same concerns his parents addressed still exist, such as money, sidewalks, snow-removal and attracting new businesses.

“What is our plan for the next 100 years?” he said. “What will the council of 2103 be considering? I look forward to being a part of that plan.”

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