Red Cliff man not guilty in sex assault |

Red Cliff man not guilty in sex assault

Matt Zalaznick

Korey Robbie Sandoval, 21, who now lives in Leadville but works in the valley, was found not guilty Dec. 13 by an Eagle County jury.

Sandoval had been accused of sneaking into a neighbor’s home on Eagle Street after a party and assaulting a woman who was sleeping in a bedroom. Eagle County sheriff’s deputies arrested him the following morning, Feb. 27.

Sandoval Tuesday described the investigation and the last 10 months as an ordeal.

“It was bad because I knew it didn’t happen like that and I had to wait 10 months to prove it,” Sandoval says. “I was away from my family; I couldn’t work and people were talking about me.”

The jury took approximately two hours and 45 minutes to reach its verdict.

“I went 10 months in jail, trying to fight, knowing what was right,” Sandoval said. “Nobody listened to my side of the story.”

The night before his arrest, Sandoval –who was then 20 –had been invited to a neighbor’s house, where people were having a small party. A woman who went to bed early said she was awakened around 2 a.m. by a man taking her pajamas off. The man then sat on top of her and kissed her, the woman said, according to police records.

Another woman sleeping in the room was awakened by the noise and went for help, police said.

Friends who came to help dragged the man out the house, police said.

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