Red Cliff painters strives to capture nature’s majesty |

Red Cliff painters strives to capture nature’s majesty

Caramie Schnell
Vail CO, Colorado
HL Linn Will TS 08-15-08

RED CLIFF, Colorado ” Lin Janson-Will is one of 10 artists participating in the upcoming Red Cliff Studio Tour, set for Saturday and Sunday. She will be showcasing her newest series, called “Eye of the Universe.”

“A friend of mine gave me the idea. She said, ‘I buy your paintings because you see through the eye of the universe.’ Well, first she said ‘God,’ but then she realized she is Hindu and I’m Buddhist, and neither of us believe in God, so she switched it,” Janson-Will said, laughing.

The paintings, which she calls “very, very serene,” show Colorado landscapes and one northern Utah scene. Janson-Will has a “Hudson River School style of painting,” she said, which means she paints the majesty of nature using very thin layers of combination resin and oil paint.

“It’s very translucent. … You get a more realistic, more luminent look and can achieve colors that don’t actually exist in the paint spectrum, though they exist in nature,” she said.

For more information on the tour, visit Look for more artist features in the Vail Daily in the days leading up to the tour.

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