Red Cliff Studio Tour artist hosts ‘Supper Club’ dinner Saturday evening |

Red Cliff Studio Tour artist hosts ‘Supper Club’ dinner Saturday evening

Red Cliff Studio Tour artitst Penelope Salcido will host two chefs at her home on Saturday evening.
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One of the dozen artists taking place in this weekend’s Red Cliff Studio Tour in Red Cliff will host a “Supper Club” dinner on Saturday night, following the tour, which takes place from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

From time to time, Penelope Salcido hosts dinners inviting guests so that she might help spread awareness of art, local farms and wineries. She holds the dinners at different locations throughout Europe and the U.S. The Supper Club is an opportunity to interact with like minded people.

“ I love the dinners,” she said. “It’s the best part of the creation process for me. It’s always fun to watch the evening unfold. It’s a blank canvas in the beginning. My favorite part is watching as one person talking to another is in the process of having a moment of enlightenment about a subject and a way of seeing that subject transform into a new perspective through that sharing. Art for me is about perspective and color. People sitting together breaking bread and evolving, sharing and connecting is what I believe is the essence of why we are here. Breaking bread has a huge religious and social connotation, but for me, it’s really about receiving what each other needs and being fed.”

This weekend, Salcido will host a dinner at her home in Red Cliff on Saturday at 5 p.m. You can register for the event via email at Each dinner consists of opening appetizers and a four-course dinner or 15-course tapa plates with local organic wine. A donation of $50 is required for club membership.

A guest chef is invited to create a completely original piece. The chef is given baskets of local, organic produce as the canvas and then let loose to play. Salcido also provides unique, medicinal herbs and spices as an introduction to super food preparation. You are invited to assist the chef in his/her creation providing a fun, easy, light-hearted and casual environment. The dinners offer an opportunity to learn about how these foods can boost overall health.

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“I incorporate the spices and herbs to educate the importance of health and also the importance of protecting our natural environment,” she said. “Many of these medicinal plants are in danger due to overpopulation, destruction of our biodiversity and overconsumption. Everything that lives in an ecosystem is part of the web of life, including humans. Each species of vegetation and each creature has a place on earth and plays a vital role in the circle of life.”

Saturday’s guest chef is Chris West from New York City. West’s identical twin brother, Tim, from San Francisco, will be the sous chef. You can view their biographies at and Patrick Chirichillo, from Churchill Winery, will pair his select wines. Local farm produce will be provided by farms from Paonia and Boulder.

Salcido will show a preview of her next year and a half, three-phase installation project.

There is a 24-person maximum seating allowance. Call 970-306-1991 for more information.

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