Red Cliff votes for better Internet |

Red Cliff votes for better Internet

Scott N. Miller

How they voted

• 2F (property tax increase): No, 54-25.

• 2G (marijuana store ban): No, 45-35.

• 2H (TV/internet improvement): Yes, 56-24.

RED CLIFF — Voters here decided three ballot issues Tuesday, including a tax proposal, a question to find a way to improve the town’s TV and Internet service and a resident-backed question on commercial marijuana operations in town.

According to early returns, town voters rejected a second request from the Town Council to raise property taxes. Ballot question 2F asked voters for a temporary property tax increase of about $20,000 per year for five years.

Voters in 2013 rejected a similar request by a 46-36 vote. This year’s proposal limited the increase to just five years, but was defeated by a larger margin, 54-25.

Town officials said the increase was needed to fund essential town services, which have been cut over the past few years as county-calculated property values and tax revenues, have declined.

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No Ban on retail Weed sales

Voters in town this year put on the ballot measure 2G, which would ban retail marijuana sales or growing operations. According to early returns, that measure failed, 45-35. While voters in 2012 passed Amendment 64, a state measure legalizing the recreational use and sale of marijuana, a number of residents had since worried about the effects marijuana stores might have in town, since it lacks an actual commercial area.

While voters rejected the marijuana question, the issue might actually be a non-issue, since there are no current applications for medical, retail or growing operations in town.

But Mayor Scott Burgess had previously said that question 2H is the most important for the town’s future. That measure, which passed 56-24 according to initial returns, would allow town officials to create a partnership with a private company to provide improved Internet and TV service in town.

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