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‘Rednecks for Obama’ show support in Denver

‘DENVER, Colorado ” Tony Veissman and his buddy, Les Spencer, like to hunt and fish. They like their guns and the self-proclaimed rednecks like Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

The two drove from Rolla, Mo., to show their support for the Illinois senator. They held their banner “Rednecks for Obama” outside a security checkpoint near the Pepsi Center, where delegates for the Democratic National Convention started gathering Monday.

“We’re trying to get all the rednecks to vote for Obama,” said Veissman, a retired Missouri state trooper. “He’s bright, intelligent.”

Veissman said he doesn’t share his fellow rednecks’ fear that Obama will try to take away their guns.

“We’ve had many Democratic presidents, and we will still have our guns,” Veissman said.

Spencer added: “Bill Clinton was president for eight years and I never heard of anybody losing their weapons.”

Veissman said he believes Obama will help the middle class, which is struggling with rising energy and food prices, job loss and lack of health insurance.

Several people on their way to the Pepsi Center took pictures of Veissman and Spencer. “We need you in Utah,” one woman yelled to them.

The two plan to stay in Denver until Thursday when Obama gives his acceptance speech at Invesco Field at Mile High Stadium, where the Denver Broncos play. Veissman said he has a ticket to the speech.

“I’ve been told we have tickets,” Veissman said. “If not, I’ll raise hell with the Democratic Party chairman of Missouri.”

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