Reflections on the presidential race |

Reflections on the presidential race

Wednesday, Oct. 8, was one of those great fall Colorado mountain days. Bright sun, crystal blue sky and crisp temperature. Hiking Booth Creek trail added to the pleasure, and although I did not get as far as I have gone in the past, the Booth Creek Falls were in sight.

The hike gave me time to ruminate on the previous evenings “town hall” debate between Senators McCain and Obama, and on the recent vice presidential debate between Gov. Palin and Sen. Biden.

I was pleased that Gov. Palin managed pretty well, perhaps without too much substance and was light on demeaning rhetoric. Biden’s background was apparent and his loquacious self was subdued. I found the encounter interesting, but I must say if I were an executive interviewing someone for a position of tremendous responsibility that I might take issue with Palin, who uses cute phrases “soccer mom” and mangled words, like “cuz” and so on. Her acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention was designed to instill emotional giddiness in the crowd, especially women, and it succeeded.

Sen. McCain performed fairly well at the town hall meeting, considering his tremendous physical burden. One thing I find difficult to understand is why McCain makes fun of Obama’s sincere belief the U.S. should go after Bin Laden in the mountains of Pakistan after trying many diplomatic efforts. Yet McCain failed to mentioned that President Bush announced to the world that he would invade a sovereign state, Iran, for sadly unproven reasons.

Our country, in a very short span of time, has become immersed in another social calamity. The wars, health care, unemployment, mortgage failures, to name a few, are all topped by the collapse of well-known firms on Wall Street and the financial burden of billions of dollars to “bail” them out. Let alone, the domino effect around the world. I don’t think the rest of the world is looking favorably upon us.

President Bush and the Republican party must share most of the blame because they are in power and this must change. The Barack Obama/Biden team will give America the positive change that we sorely need, and on the financial end, has the ear of Warren Buffet, who is a supporter and advisor.

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