Regular meeting of the Minturn Town Council – March 1, 2006 |

Regular meeting of the Minturn Town Council – March 1, 2006

Daily Staff Report

REGULAR MEETING OF THE MINTURN TOWN COUNCILWednesday, March 1, 2006REGULAR SESSION 5:45Minturn Town Center302 Pine Street Minturn, CO 81645 (970) 827-5645MAYOR – Gordon Hawkeye Flaherty, TOWN MANAGER – Ann K. CapelaMAYOR PRO TEM – Darell Wegert TOWN CLERK/TREAS – Jay BrunvandCOUNCIL MEMBERS:George BrodinJerry BumgarnerBill BurnettFred HasleeTom SullivanWORK SESSION 5:45 PMREGULAR SESSION 5:45 P.M.Call to OrderRoll CallPledge of AllegianceCouncil will recess as Town Council and convene as the Town of Minturn, Water, Sanitation and Recreation Activities Enterprise (“Enterprise”).Enterprise Chairman, George Brodin, will take the chair and request a motion to proceed into executive session.2. Executive Session(5:45pm 6:55pm)CRS Colorado Revised Statute (C.R.S.) 21-6-402(4)(b) for the purposes of consulting with the Town Attorney and special counsel, Anne Castle and Boots Ferguson for discussion pertaining to the proposal to construct a wastewater facility. Town Council will close the meeting as Minturn Water, Sanitation and Recreation Activities Enterprise and convenes as Town Council3. Discussion of the Agendaa.Items to be pulled from Action Calendarb.Items to be pulled from the Discussion Calendar.c.Items to be pulled from the Consent Calendar.Emergency Items to be added.e.Order of the Agenda Items.Approval of the agenda.Approval of the Minutes:February 15, 2006Special Presentations/Citizen Recognition/Project UpdateMike Wheelersburg Minturn Towne Homes Update 2005 Christmas Toy Drive, Certificates of Appreciation by MartinezPublic comments on items, which are NOT on the agenda.Discussion/action of Emergency Items, if necessary.8. Reports/Correspondence/Announcements/New BusinessEconomic Development Director Public WorksPoliceTreasurer/ClerkTown PlannerTown AttorneyTown ManagerCouncil Members9. Discussion/Action, Union Pacific Rail Road Tax Exempt Status for local property taxes and related issues to UPRR, by: Mr. Harry Gray.10. Discussion/Action, request for consideration to exchange private property between Town of Minturn and private citizens, Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell by: Mrs. Susan Mitchell. 11. Discussion/Action Items Review of Chapter 16: Article II, Definitions and IllustrationsArticle VI, Old Town Character Area, Article VII, South Town Character Area, Article XIX,Sign Regulations, Article XXII, Legal Nonconforming Uses, Structures, and Lots by WileySmith (Council members, please bring your workbooks to the meeting)12. Discussion/Action Items Ordinance 1 Series 2006 (First Reading) An OrdinanceAuthorizing the Mayor to sign agreement between Town of Minturn, acting by and through Town of Minturn, Water, Sanitation, and Recreation Activities Enterprise and Ginn BattleNorth, LLC, Ginn Battle South, LLC and Ginn-LA Battle One, Ltd., LLLP for the design and construction of a Waste Water Treatment Facility by Allen ChristensenDiscussion/Action items Ordinance 2 Series 2006 (First Reading) An Ordinance toamend Chapter 2 of the Minturn Municipal Code by repealing and re-enacting Section 2 52 establishing and providing for compensation for the Town Council and the Mayor of the Town of Minturn by Allen Christensen14. Discussion/Action items Direction to Staff regarding the Town Manager employment evaluation by Jay Brunvand15. Items to be added to future agendas / work sessionOrdinance 26 Series 2005 (First Reading): An Ordinance authorizing the Mayor to enter into a lease agreement with the Radio Tower Contract. Tabled until completedMike Wheelersburg Minturn Towne Homes Update 4/5/06Ginn Annexation Public Hearing, continued until 9/6/0616. Future Meeting Dates1) Council Meetings March 15th, 2006April 5th, 2006April 19th, 20062) Planning & Zoning MeetingsMarch 8th, 2006March 22nd, 2006April 12th, 20063) Other17. AdjournmentWhen addressing the Council, please state your name and your address for the record prior to providing your comments. Please address the Council as a whole through the Mayor. All supporting documents are available for public review in the Town Offices located at 302 Pine Street, Minturn CO 81645 during regular business hours between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.STAFF REPORTS AND OTHER ITEMSDISCUSSION, HEARINGS AND ACTION ITEMSFUTURE AGENDA ITEMS / WORK SESSIONSVail Colorado

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