Relations with Russia getting worse |

Relations with Russia getting worse

This is an open letter to our secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice:

I could hardly believe it, when I read in the Wall Street Journal recently that you said the U.S. should not end the embargo, when Cuba asked us to sell them relief supplies after the island was devastated by two hurricanes in the past weeks. This is a lack of humanitarianism that should not be associated with our country. Earlier, I couldn’t understand why I didn’t hear from us an offer to help after the first hurricane hit.

Now I can see why you and Cheney seem to be trying to restart the Cold War with Russia. Your belligerence and efforts to put missiles in Poland and on the Czech Republic and Russia’s borders make efforts towards improved relations very difficult for the next administration. You better be careful. This behavior gives the Russians reason to restart discussions again with Cuba on missiles near our borders.

Can you imagine how the Cubans feel, rejected and hurt, by this refusal to lend a hand at this time of their need? The Cuban people don’t hate us. Sure, their government is different than ours, but we do business with China (much to our disadvantage in trade).

Think about it.

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