Remember when you rented? |

Remember when you rented?

Vail Daily Editorial

Vail CO, ColoradoHow soon we homeowners forget the days of writing monthly rent checks and leaving message after message for the landlord to come fix the broken heater. It’s like other advancements in life. Once you’re safely married, you look down on single people a bit. Once you have children, you feel slightly more important than the childless. Once you’re a homeowner, you don’t want any rentals on your street. Yes, it’s true that people who own tend to take better care of the their property than either landlords or tenants. And it’s also true that homeowners are more liable to join the crime watch or neighborhood cleanup. And once you’re a homeowner, you’re worried about anything – rentals, the group home next door, nearby bombing ranges – that might nip at the value of your property. But the county, in building affordable housing, should have other concerns, such as providing workers with the opportunity to have more room than a cramped apartment or condominium – that’s if county leaders mean what they say when they insist they want to keep young families around. Families want room to run, but that kind of space is getting prohibitively expensive around here. But if the county shares the attitude of those who don’t want to live around renters, upvalley politicians won’t have to worry anymore about families fleeing downvalley – because most of the young families will be moving to New Mexico or South Carolina. – Matt Zalaznick for the Editorial Board

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