Remembering Skylar |

Remembering Skylar

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Stop by the rink and wish the older goalie a happy birthday — it's a big one! We love you, Dave Peel! Kim Carter and all of your friends and family.

Skylar’s cross is missingWe received the following e-mail recently. Can anyone help?”To honor the memory of our friend , Skylar Hootman, please help up recover the memorial cross that was taken (for the second time) from the eastbound side of I-70 near Wilmore Lake in Edwards. Skylar’s grandparents made him this special cross so that all traveling past his crash site would be reminded of how special he was to us.”Anyone with any information is urged to call Bethe Wright, 328-6300.Dear Vail Cascade …Thank you for letting us stay here. I think it is beautiful. It is very interesting to work in a conference room. I enjoy the view of the snowy trees and the way you decorated the hotel. Thank you for letting us use your white board too. I hope we did not bug you, but we enjoy being here a lot. I love the Vail Cascade! Mabry Gentry, fourth grade.I appreciate you letting us stay here at your berautiful hotel and spa. You’re very generous! It was honestly fantastic! The conference room was big and the designs on the wall are really cool. Thank you for helping Stone Creek School! Windham Miller, fourth grade…

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