Remodeled Christy Sports opens in Avon |

Remodeled Christy Sports opens in Avon

LAKEWOOD — Christy Sports has announced the opening of its completely remodeled store at 182 Avon Road in Avon. With a 45 percent increase in space, this signature store has substantially larger departments as well as a naturally lit and open layout. While the additional space impacted every department, the rental division has seen the largest expansion. Doubled in size, it provides an unprecedented selection of ski and snowboard test equipment, demos and rental equipment for adults and juniors.

The remodeled store also houses retail offerings as well as a significant increase in selection across all departments, including juniors.

“We have the largest selection of kids’ apparel and equipment in the area so you can outfit your entire family out of one location, which is something that this valley really needed. I’m also proud to say that we are the only Never Summer dealer and Fischer Vacuum Boot dealer in the area,” said Jeff Kenney, Avon store manager.

Wintersteiger Discovery Addition

In addition to the expanded retail and rental offerings, the repair department will feature a new, fully automated Wintersteiger Discovery tuning machine which provides factory quality tunes. This new machine is complemented by Christy Sports’ expert hand tuning techs, which ensure the quality and fast turnaround of equipment.

The current focus on improving the town center coincided well with Christy Sports’ desire to update a building they’ve been in since 1986.

“Our goal was to create a state-of-the-art store that truly represents the history, spirit, and vibrancy of the Vail Valley and to give residents and visitors an unparalleled experience of quality and customer service only Christy Sports can provide,” said Hugh O’Winter, director of real estate for Christy Sports.

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