Removal of ski lodge ordered |

Removal of ski lodge ordered

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BERTHOUD PASS – The Forest Service has said the building atop Berthoud Pass that served as the base for the now defunct ski area must come down – and soon.The building, says the agency, does not meet Forest Service standards for image, aesthetics, and overall quality. The building needs $200,000 in repairs.The ski area, which opened in 1939 with Colorado’s first lift, has been open only 4 of the last 11 years. Last year, after another missed winter, the Forest Service said it is time to admit that times have changed. Several smaller and older ski areas in the area along Interstate 70 have closed as skiers from Denver have bypassed them while driving to larger resorts on the Western Slope that have more reliable snow.The agency’s order to demolish the 14,000-square-foot building has been met with some sourness on both sides of the pass. However, those who want to see the lodge preserved have been unable during the last year to come up with a business or plan that would take over responsibility for the building.Whistler-area natives building cultural centerWHISTLER, B.C. The Squamish and Lil’wat nations hope to break ground during July on their First Nations Cultural Centre in Whistler. The centre will cost $18.5 million.The center will house the more than 10,000 artifacts the Squamish now have in storage, but also will offer learning and interpretative programs. There will also be a restaurant, a museum and other such things. The Squamish Nation’s population, now at 3,200, is expected to double in the next 15 to 20 years.Meanwhile, Pique editor Bob Barnett recently listened to two days of presentations about the 2010 Olympics and left concluding that the big story there will be the aboriginal people of B.C. “As green as the Games may be, and as noble a concept as sustainability is, the First Nations’ story is going to be more memorable because it involves people,” he said. And, he said, the First Nations seize the opportunity of the Olympics.

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