Rep. Christine Scanlan: Taking up Eagle County’s fight |

Rep. Christine Scanlan: Taking up Eagle County’s fight

Christine Scanlan
Vail CO, Colorado

As the new state representative for House District 56, I will work hard to meet the expectation set by state Sen. Dan Gibbs (the former representative for House District 56) that he accomplished on our behalf last year.

During this year’s legislative session, I will be tackling important issues affecting Coloradans, including the economy, our environment, our broken health-care system, transportation and education.

At a local level, the questions we need to address are significant:

– How do we balance healthy economic growth with the thoughtful management of our open spaces?

– What does bark beetle infestation mean for our property values? To wildfire mitigation and protecting critical infrastructure? How do we create a new definition of mountain beauty ” with a very different landscape?

– Are we doing enough to educate the next generation for the 21st century economy ” for jobs that we in all likelihood can’t even define?

– Are we making sure that the more than 10,000 students across this district are acquiring the skills they need for success?

All these concerns are real, and require long-term and fiscally responsible solutions. I don’t doubt that together with determination we can forge answers to these questions.

This year I will bring a focus to the statewide bark beetle infestation. I am carrying the Healthy Forest Restoration Act of 2008, which continues the work started last year by Sen. Dan Gibbs. It earmarks $1 million in funding to local communities to help protect watersheds and provide wildfire mitigation.

This issue will be with us for years to come; coordinating local, state and federal efforts to reduce the impact is essential.

I will also be one of two House sponsors carrying Gov. Bill Ritter’s highest priority bill. The proposal will help improve Colorado’s education system from pre-school to college by aligning our focus towards student success.

Of course, the choice to pursue education beyond high school will remain their own. However, it will be our responsibility as legislators to make sure every student is equipped with the skills they need to thrive at a college level.

I am honored and grateful for the opportunity to serve the citizens that make up this exceptional district. I will work hard to represent Lake, Summit and Eagle counties well.

I will listen to your concerns and your ideas and will take action to address issues that are important to our local communities. That is leadership. I look forward to creating an even better future together.

Please contact me anytime to share your ideas and concerns. I look forward to meeting you at one of my upcoming town hall meetings.

If you would like to receive my e-newsletter, please contact me at (303) 866-2952 or

Christine Scanlan represents Eagle County in the Colorado House of Representatives.

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