Report: Bike race brought $83.5M economic impact |

Report: Bike race brought $83.5M economic impact

Jason Blevins
The Denver Post
Vail, CO Colorado

DENVER, Colorado – American pro-cycling stage racing was born in Colorado in the mid-1970s. The state’s revival of multiday pro racing in August with the USA Pro Cycling Challenge drew more than 1 million spectators and harvested $83.5 million in economic impact.

The triumphant return of professional cycling proves that Colorado stage racing “deserves to stay here permanently,” race chief executive Shawn Hunter said Tuesday at a news conference.

“The race will always be in Colorado,” said Hunter, who is pursuing plans for one-day Pro Cycling Challenge races around the country, such as Pro Cycling Challenge Dallas or Pro Cycling Challenge Richmond, he said, as he maps next year’s route across Colorado. “It’s important for the brand to be national and have a year-round presence.”

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