Report: Colorado wrongly paid $1.2M in tax refunds |

Report: Colorado wrongly paid $1.2M in tax refunds

DENVER, Colorado ” Colorado officials confirm they mistakenly mailed out more than $1.2 million in tax refunds that should have been withheld for unpaid victim restitution, child support and fines.

KMGH-TV in Denver reported this week that a substitute employee didn’t properly load a computer program designed to catch refunds before they’re mailed to people who owe money.

State officials are contacting people whose refunds should have been withheld to try and recoup it, but state Court Administrator Jerry Marroney told the station that most of the money probably won’t be recovered.

Roxy Huber, executive director of the Colorado Department of Revenue, apologized to people who should have benefited from the cash.

“It certainly wasn’t anything we intended to have happen and we repaired it as quickly as we became aware of it, but it’s always disappointing to me to say we didn’t get something done that we should have,” Huber said.

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KMGH says most of the money was supposed to go to victims’ assistance and compensation. Some also would have gone to the state road and general funds.

Officials noticed that February collections were about 10 percent of the previous year and alerted the Department of Revenue.

It took programmers about a week to fix the problem, KMGH reported.

“It wasn’t delays because we just weren’t getting to it,” Huber said. “It was just not a simple problem to fix.”

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