Report: CU to join Pac-10 conference |

Report: CU to join Pac-10 conference

John HendersonThe Denver Post

Colorado is headed to the Pac-10 Conference – no matter what happens with the rest of the Big 12 Conference – a source close to the situation said Thursday morning. The Pac-10 is expected to hold a news conference later this morning to announce the invitation. CU will have a news conference at 11 a.m. Friday to announce it is accepting the invitation, another source close to CU confirmed.The new league will have at least 12 teams, and likely 16. It’s not clear who the 12th team will be yet.Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State are also still on the Pac-10’s wish list, and, with the impending breakup of the Big 12 conference, they could all be moving West.The expanded conference would likely debut in time for the 2012 football season.”Nobody knows what’ll happen with the Big 12. The only thing 100 percent certain is the University of Colorado will be in the Pac-question,” the source said. “It definitely won’t be the Pac-11. It could be the Pac-12. It could be the Pac-16. The decision was regardless of what happens on Friday, if Nebraska stays in the Big 12, Colorado would be a member of the Pac-whatever.”The source said that to his knowledge, the Pac-10 has not made any other offers.”They’ll wait to see what the Texas schools do,” the source said. “What the 12th school will be I don’t know.”Colorado officials have worked this past week to make sure the Buffs were included in the Pac-10 expansion plans if the Big 12 broke up. Nebraska is expected to join the Big Ten as early as Friday.But the source said CU decided it would seek, and accept an invitation from the Pac-10, no matter what happened with the rest of the conference.A source close to the Nebraska athletic department told The Denver Post on Wednesday that the Cornhuskers are moving on. Multiple media outlets around the Big 12 also reported sources close to the Huskers saying they’re bolting, with a move expected to be officially announced Friday when Nebraska regents meet.

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