Report: Denver at center of anti-terror probe |

Report: Denver at center of anti-terror probe

John Ingold
The Denver Post

The focus of an anti-terrorism investigation turned to Denver today, one day after federal authorities raided several New York City homes in an investigation sparked by a suspected al-Qaeda associate from Colorado.

Multiple news organizations are reporting that the suspect, a man known to friends as Najibullah, traveled to New York from Colorado, prompting the raids. The reports say agents in New York were looking for bomb-making components.

There has been no official announcement about the investigation’s details. Kathleen Wright, spokeswoman for the Denver FBI, said she could not confirm or deny that the agency is surveilling or investigating a terror suspect in Colorado.

Denver police refered calls to the FBI,as did Lance Clem, a spokesman for the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

“They’re in the midst of the investigation,” Clem said. “They’re regarding it as a top-secret investigation.”

Multiple news organizations out of New York have begun to report anonymously sourced – and sometimes contradictory – tidbits.

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