Republican booted for public comments |

Republican booted for public comments

Alison Miller
Vail, CO Colorado

EAGLE COUNT Y” After saying publicly that local Republicans are split, a party member has been has been kicked off a committee trying to reinvigorate the political organization after local and statewide election loses.

Party chairman Randy Milhoan said he asked Sharon Greene to leave the local Republicans’ realignment committee.

“I want to think like a team with people who are team players,” Milhoan said. “Yes, she was asked to leave because I didn’t like the way she was doing things.”

But Greene says this is a case of different rules for different people.

“Other officers of the party expressed their opinions and that was OK,” she said referring to article in Monday’s Vail Daily, “but when I did the same thing I was asked to leave.”

Realignment processes are sensitive and should be kept as confidential as possible, said Henri Stone, former chairwoman of the Republican party and current executive committee member.

If Greene had concerns, they should have been voiced to the party and not in the newspaper, she said.

“When we started the realignment process we had a list of group norms that we all agreed on,” Stone said. “The whole group agreed that she wasn’t acting as she should by expressing her concerns with the newspaper. She didn’t communicate with us in a transparent way with honesty and integrity.”

A realignment process has to have trust in order to build a productive and healthy group, and Greene broke that trust, Stone said.

Greene said she only spoke out when contacted by a reporter.

Greene said she will remain a member of the Republican Party and hopes it will develop a more inclusive attitude.

“This is just another example of how the core of the party talks about being the big tent party and inclusive when, in fact, there really is no room for a mainstream voice in the GOP tent,” Greene said.

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