Reservoir on Vail Mountain being floated |

Reservoir on Vail Mountain being floated

Cliff Thompson

Located below Ricky’s Ridge in Sun Down Bowl, in the Two Elk Creek drainage on land owned by the U.S. Forest Service, the reservoir would hold enough water to cover Vail Mountain’s snowmaking needs for a year, says Paul Testwuide of Vail Resorts.

It’s an idea that has been talked about for half a decade, Testwuide says.

“It’s a good idea. Right now it’s just a star on the map,” he says. “It’s not on any capital budgets.”

Testwuide says an extensive environmental review would need to be made prior to building the 22.5-acre reservoir.

“It’s a big permitting process,” he said. “It could take the heat off Gore Creek in dry periods.”

Planners envision the reservoir being used for delivering raw water for irrigating the Vail Golf Course, Ford Park and other outdoor public venues that now use treated water.

The 300-acre-foot reservoir, which likely would be built as a joint venture between Vail Resorts and the Eagle River Water and Sanitation District, would hold approximately twice the volume of Nottingham Lake.

An acre-foot, or 326,000 gallons, is enough water to cover a football field approximately a foot deep. It’s considered enough water for a family of four for a year.

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