Residents pleased with plot to destroy Gunnison |

Residents pleased with plot to destroy Gunnison

GUNNISON, Colo. ” Residents of this southwestern Colorado city will be able to sit back and munch on popcorn as they watch aliens destroy their community on Christmas Day

“It looks like we’re pretty much annihilated,” Tammy Scott, the director of the Gunnison Country Chamber of Commerce, said cheerily. “It’s looking kind of scary right now.”

The Colorado Springs Gazette reported that Gunnison was chosen as the venue for a sequel to “Aliens vs. Predator,” called, “Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem.”

Trailers for the movie say the extra terrestrials “wage their most brutal battle ever ” in our own backyard.”

The screenplay’s details are a bit hazy, though it is known the story begins with a space ship crashing nearby.

And the filming actually was done at sea level in Vancouver, Canada, whose lush environment is a marked contrast with Gunnison’s high altitude terrain.

The names of real Gunnison businesses were used.

“That was the extent of their research,” said Jane Chaney, director of the Gunnison-Crested Butte Tourism Association. “It was kind of bizarre.”

The producers did try to take Gunnison’s pulse, asking how they would feel about their hospital being destroyed. “I got the feeling that someone who was actually working on that had been through here,” Scott said.

Gunnison, which usually takes a back seat to the Crested Butte ski resort, sees it as an opportunity.

“I personally think that having Gunnison, Colo., in a national movie setting isn’t a bad thing,” Chaney said. “There are people that follow those alien movies. Maybe they’ll come here looking for the aliens.”

It’s unlikely residents will rush to the theater, however.

“We have one movie theater in the valley,” Chaney said. “We don’t watch a lot of movies up here.”


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