Resisting the renaissance |

Resisting the renaissance

Don Rogers

The crossroads that Crossroads represents has Vail paralized. Or at least the Town Council. The latest vote of 4-3 does show some progress in geologic time, though.Such fuss over an obvious building to build. Improve the roundabouts and roads in the vicinity, sure. But enough with all this yammer about how “huge” the new building would be. Maybe in Disneyland’s “It’s a Small World After All” ride. In the real world, even our world – hardly. A building nearly 100 feet tall out at the Frontage Road? That ain’t a behemoth. The kingdom for a little perspective! It’s all the better as a noise shield against the interstate, actually.So the contest for Vail’s soul continues on, for that’s what this really represents. That this is a contest at all is a testament to the rise of the resort community’s belated renaissance movement. The old guard hangs on to its vision of a golden 1960s Vail, heart and eyes squarely on the old 1960s visitors. Never mind the duct tape in the movie theater, a surface parking lot blighting that part of the village far more than a hundred-foot-tall building, the dingy cast to the fading center.Yes, times have changed. Vail does need to offer more if it hopes to keep its place as the pearl of America’s ski resorts. And that might included bowling and maybe even pinball machines as part of the package.Vail, Colorado

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