Resort company, home owners forge a truce |

Resort company, home owners forge a truce

Scott N. Miller
Special to the Daily/Carl Scofield

BEAVER CREEK – Beaver Creek property owners and Vail Resorts have called a truce before a full-fledged battle erupts.The battle, if it comes, will be over the location of an alpine slide. Vail Resorts had plans to build an alpine slide on the Haymeadow ski run. Property owners in the area complained, loudly. Last week, resort company officials sat down with representatives of various homeowners associations, and hammered out an agreement in which Vail Resorts agreed to put off building anything like an alpine slide anywhere at the resort until at least Jan. 31.”We want to spend time with the property owners to review our options,” said John Garnsey, chief operating officer of Beaver Creek.”We’re going to work together on this,” said Tom Schouten, president of the Beaver Creek Property Owners Association. “But we think a different place is better.”Schouten said he’s “optimistic” the property owners and resort company can come to an acceptable compromise about the location of an alpine slide.Bernie Scharf isn’t so sure.

Scharf, the president of the McCoy Peak Condominium Association and the point man for several other associations in the Haymeadow area, said he hadn’t seen any documents from last week’s meeting between property owners and resort officials, so he wasn’t sure about the specifics. What he is sure about is that property owners in the area don’t like the idea of a slide in their neighborhood.”It’s not what people here want,” Scharf said. “I’d say at least 90 percent of the resort property owners are against it.”Scharf said property owners are worried about the noise a slide makes, since it uses wheeled sleds. Owners are also worried that an alpine slide will change the “character” of the resort.Still, he said, the people he speaks for would, for the most part, accept a compromise.”If it’s out of sight and out of mind, then you can kind of live with it,” Scharf said.Garnsey said the resort company wants to work with property owners and merchants, but added that Vail Resorts’ plans include having more summer activities at all its resorts.”We understand that there are homeowners who don’t like the idea,” Garnsey said. “But Beaver Creek is a family resort, and those guests are looking for more well-rounded offerings. Our goal is to find a balance of the views of home owners, the merchants and our guests.”

Schouten said he believes that can happen.”The relationship with the resort company has been quite good for several years,” Schouten said. “We’re trying to maintain that.”But Scharf said the owners he’s working with won’t accept just any solution.”We’re still prepared to take every step necessary to protect ourselves,” he said. ================What’s an alpine slide?

Essentially, it’s a long, long slide that riders go down on small sleds equipped with wheels and brakes.The slide at Breckenridge has multiple courses. One at Winter Park is more than 3,000 feet long. One, in Attitash, N.H., is more than a mile long.=====================Staff Writer Scott N. Miller can be reached at 748-2930, or Daily, Vail Colorado

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