Response to Vail Valley Voices: There’s a point to PC |

Response to Vail Valley Voices: There’s a point to PC

Cassie Perlmutter
Vail, CO, Colorado

I rarely find myself responding to a published opinion, yet I feel compelled to do so today. Mr. David Dillon’s “Valley Voices” on political correctness in today’s Vaily Daily (Feb. 6, 2009), I found unsettling. Mr. Dillon (I think was trying to be wry?) bemoaned the fact that people are ever so careful to be correct that there is a dearth of popular culture humor. I guess then that I, too, am humorless.

I am always startled if not offended when people I know or even admire use a term to describe someone that is dated and insensitive. I always chalk it up to ignorance. Mostly, people don’t mean to say something offensive, they just haven’t gotten the word. But, first, the word must become a part of our everyday lexicon, and that takes practice.

Yes, the practice of using terminology appropriate for 2009 is a deliberate act. With practice, first there’s an awareness of what’s right and then at some point an integration of the skill , or in this case, value. And therein lies the point of “political correctness.” Practice makes perfect.

Cassie Perlmutter


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