Restaurant bread basket |

Restaurant bread basket

At Chap’s in West Vail, Peter Brenner combines the best local artisanal breads with house-made items for the restaurant’s bread basket. “The freshness of it really makes a difference,” he says. And the variety of spreads that come with it don’t hurt ” made with cream cheese, butter or oil, they strike a good note.

The Larkspur bread basket began with a sourdough starter made of Champagne grapes and Evian on Chef-owner Thomas Salamunovich’s desk 11 years ago, and has been coddled daily since then (including nighttime feedings when it was an infant). Pastry Chef Allana Smith always has freshly made ciabatta, white sourdough and a super dense multigrain whole wheat. At The Wildflower in Vail, Pastry Chef Ken Goetsch and baker Ronny Amaya keep the bread basket fresh. “They wanted something small and unique,” says Goetsch, so they made wee loaves of currant bread, pumpernickel-rye swirl, foccacia and sesame crackers. Fans of sourdough bread bowls no doubt have a special place reserved for the Ore House in Vail.

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